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The general policy in Islam is to guarantee full rights to non- Muslim populations and therefore people subscribing to other religions were granted full civic rights by the virtue of the Quran and through the application of Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him peace be upon him.

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Non- Muslim populations living within Muslim communities were granted peaceful and prosperous life through guaranteeing security for both their lives and properties and were given the appellation of "ahl al-Dhimma" which denotes those people with whom Muslims have an agreement or the responsibility of their personal safety and security of their property are undertaken by the Muslim state.

After three years of Prophethood, fearlessly calling to and teaching people Islam with skilled tactics, God revealed to Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, to make a public call. We mentioned earlier that the Prophet peace be upon him never got angry for anything personal. No matter what unbelievers said about him, leveling any false accusations against him, he would always control himself, showing no sign of overreaction.

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Indeed, he kept his cool in all situations. It is from the first hadith in the chapter of siwak use of the tooth stick. One of the most beloved qualities of good character to Allah is kindness and gentleness.

Allah has reserved a special reward for those who are kind and gentle.

Latest News. Dubai schoolkids raise Dh10, for needy students in Malawi.

Philadelphia street renamed in honor of Muhammad Ali. Religious symbols are banned in Canada. Iran, Russia square up to US sanctions with 12 accords.

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Yasmeen al-Maimani becomes first female pilot in Saudi commercial airlines. A Muslim saved the child falling from the building.

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    The Children of the Prophet pbuh. Hadiths about Haj.

    Source : Sunnah. The public call of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

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    Things that made the Prophet pbuh angry. Brushing Up on the Sunnah of Brushing. Helping your Companions.

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    Allah loves gentleness in all things. Source : Faith in Allah.

    Russia and Turkey ditched US currency for S missile system deal. Philippine Congress moves a step closer to expanding Islamic banking.

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  • Benefits of reciting Salawat. Dawah is Easy - Street dawah in UK.

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